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Valerie’s House

Valerie's House Little One's Room

Our Angels gathered together to create a healing space for children ages from 4-8 as part of this project for children who are coping loss and grief. In the room, designed and created by Beverly’s Angels at the direction of Faith Schwalback, the 'Magic of the Sea' has come to life by 16-year-old artist, Barbara Del Castillo.

Sea turtles swim over a vibrant coral reef as vibrant fish and a gorgeous medallion angel all swim about. "Chaulkie"- a huge whale tale made of chalkboard is designed to assist the children in therapeutic art expression. A portable sand tray was also provided as an effective means for emotional expression.

Valerie’s House

This inspired room has been featured in...

Naples Daily News, ABC, Fox and NBC 2 Stories to Share.

Our angels will provide games, Legos and art to help the little ones heal.

2019 Honored angel Janet's Mom, Edna Doris Diemer Garvin

Littles Room