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About the Founder

Faith Schwalback knew that she was most content when she was creating heartfelt moments for others, either through the implementation of a beautiful event, the organization of inspiring decor or the generation of a kind moment.

But it wasn't until the death of her mother, Beverly, from Alzheimer's that she found her purpose. She integrated her foci and gathered others, like her, who wanted to spread a sense of happiness to those in need through acts of kindness and honor their own mothers in the process. Beverly’s Angels was born.

Our mission is to share love, gratitude and kindness through various acts and deeds in an effort to honor all of our mothers.


About my Mom

Beverly was a vibrant and creative woman. She was always working with her hands, making food or crafts, to give to others. She was often sewing, cross-stitching or knitting. Most everyone she ever met has something that was “Handmade by Bev” as she typically gave her creations to others.

When I was a child, I dreamed of walking in the Holly Hill Parade as a dancer. We didn’t have much money, but she found a way to make my dream a reality. She stitched an exact replica of the dance outfit so I might shine. No one knew I was different from the rest of the group. But I knew I was special.

As her dementia progressed, it became harder for me to have those types of special moments with her. It was time for me to care for her and not the other way around. I hope I gave her that feelings of being special and that perhaps she remembered that when other memories drifted away.

My Mom loved her children. She had spunk, charisma and talent until the end of her life.

She is now the perfect Angel for me.

How I Started

For as long as I can remember my Mom would make a homemade Thanksgiving feast and drop it off at our church for the pastor to give someone a hand up. As she aged, my husband and I began to help and it snowballed into my girlfriends making their favorite holiday dish to add to the feast for another family.

When her dementia began to advance, she would attend a “Ladies Club” for those struggling with dementia. My girlfriends rallied again, and we started to serve Thanksgiving Dinner for the Ladies Club and their volunteers and workers. Today it is our signature event and my girlfriends became the founding members of Beverly’s Angels.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

Years ago, my mother cross-stitched that Angel and I had it framed for our home.

When she became my Angel and I wanted to carry on her legacy, the Angel seemed to be looking at me, reminding me of her strength, love and kindness.

Beverlys Angels Logo
In the framed piece, it says: Angels Gather Here. That is just what we do, Beverly’s Angel gather together spreading our wings to share kindness.